Aston Merrygold to release music related content in the ‘coming weeks’!

    It's coming sooner than you think.


    Aston Merrygold has returned to the music industry after a rather long break and is preparing to release some videos soon.


    Yesterday TwitCelebGossip confirmed that Aston Merrygold is set for a big comeback to the music industry in a matter of months.

    JLS split up back in 2013 after becoming one of the biggest bands to leave The X Factor. Members JB Gill, Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold and Oritsé Williams have all gone into different industries since leaving the band.

    JB is now a farmer, Marvin is now a professional DJ and Radio presenter, Oritsé and Aston have remained in the music industry.

    Aston has yesterday launched his official website where fans can get the latest news and updates on his journey with Warner Bros Records.

    Before Aston released his website, on the 3rd April the singer confirmed he’s ‘editing videos’ which we assume means music related content for his YouTube Channel.

    Aston released a 3 minute video yesterday of his logo to his YouTube Channel – no audio could be heard. This may be a teaser that the singer will drop some new content in a few weeks.

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