Essex punter places £2156 on a royal baby girl called Alice!


Essex punter places a random £989.50 on the royal baby being a girl and a whopping £1166.66 on the baby being called Alice.

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The female customer placed a total of £2156.16 on the royal baby market and seems pretty confident that we will soon be welcoming a new princess.

A Scottish punter placed a whopping bet of the baby being a girl. Just 2 days ago an Edinburgh punter placed £2000 on a female royal baby.

According to Ladbrokes, a huge 90% of bets placed has been on the baby being a girl. Ladbrokes’ favourite potential birth dates include the 18th, 19th and 20th April, meaning punters are in hope that we will see the royal baby arrive very soon.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s official due date is the 25th April, however many are questioning whether they baby will be born on the Queen’s birthday, 21stApril or St Georges day? Popular names include Alice, Victoria, Arthur and James.

Ladbrokes are even offering odds on the baby’s hair colour, will blonde being the favourite at 6/4. Its 5/1 odds that the new royal baby will inherit their uncle Harry’s genes and be a red headed royal.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “It’s hard to imagine this customer knows as much, if not more, than Kate and William. But it’s a very peculiar, specific and expensive wager to have from a brand new account.”

She added: “Time will tell if this lady knows something we don’t, or if she’s just got a hunch and we’re about to be royally taken to the cleaners.”

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