Britain’s Got Talent 2015: Boyband members past ‘drug use’ comes into light!

A dark past comes into light.


Britain’s Got Talent 2015 contestants Boyband, a super young dance group past ‘drug use’ has come into light after their audition aired.

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Boyband are a 5-piece dance troupe made up of Corey 18, Mike 18, Dylan 18, Jaih 17 and Mikey 19.

Ant and Dec were so impressed with their audition they ran to the judges desk and hit their golden buzzer during last night’s show (18th April).

The Sun has reported since their audition aired the members from Boyband have a dark past with drugs.

Tweets from the members of Boyband hint a very heavy reference to marijuana, including pictures of a joint with the caption: ‘When nothing goes right, roll up and pass it to the left.’

In a statement, the boys said: “We’re ashamed of our past actions. What we did was stupid and we want to move away from this and focus on our dancing.”

A Britain’s Got Talent spokesperson commented: “Appropriate action will be taken against anyone found to be taking drugs while taking part in the show.”

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