Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Jessie J upsets thousands of fans by unfollowing them on Twitter after series of tweets!

Fans weren't happy.

Jessie J has been slammed by fans after she unfollowed them on Twitter after a little rant: “Being unfollowed by anyone is not a battle to fight”.


Jessie J sent out a series of tweets today, shortly after the singer deleted them. It was a small rant to fans after she unfollowed them.

Jessie J is now following just under 250 accounts on Twitter since her unfollow spree which left many fans upset with the Bang Bang singer.

One fan wrote yesterday: “So much for fans. unfollowed all of your fans that helped u get u where u are.Yh u can ‘change & grow’ but not grow into an ***hole,”

The singer expressed her concern over fans upset by her actions, thinking why anyone would take an unfollow personally.

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Jessie said: “I find it insane that some people take being unfollowed like a personal attack,

“If I punched you in the face fair enough. But I didn’t… Meh.”

“Pick your battles in life. Being unfollowed by anyone is not a battle to fight. Or feel any way about. It’s Twitter,” the tweets read, which she deleted.

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