Alfie Deyes slams WHSmith for selling ‘unofficial’ book about him and Zoe Sugg!

Alfie isn't happy.


Alfie Deyes, aka PointlessBlog has taken to social media to slam WHSmith for selling an unofficial book about him and Zoe.


Alfie has taken to Twitter to criticise WHSmith’s for selling a book with a picture of him and Zoe on the front.

In a series of tweets Alfie said: “Please can you NOT buy this book if you see it. It wasn’t made by myself or Zoe and is totally unofficial and stupid!”

“It’s just some random idiot trying to use myself & Zoe to make money… NOT cool! Please don’t buy it guys x”

“Im also shocked at @WHSmith for evening stocking a book like this…”

Adding: “Unofficial books suck. They’re made by a random person using someone else’s face (without permission) just to make money… I dislike this.

“Anyyywayyyysss you now know my opinion on that rubbish unofficial zalfie book haha!”

Deleted tweet
Deleted tweet

TwitCelebGossip carried out a bit of research about the book. Our findings show the book contains pictures, stats and secrets about the pair. It states “this is the ultimate unofficial illustrated fan guide to the vlogging super-couple, Alfie and Zoella”.

UPDATE: Shortly after this article was published, Alfie removed the tweets from his Twitter page.

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