Katie Hopkins reveals to her children ‘one day epilepsy’ will kill her!


Katie Hopkins has revealed in an open letter to her children that one day epilepsy will kill her.

© Alistair Heap
© Alistair Heap

Katie Hopkins has started to inform her children, Maximillian, 10, Poppy, 6, and India, 9, that one day their mummy will die from epilepsy.

In an open letter, Katie said: “We know Mum’s doctor says her epilepsy will get her one day. Fruit loops say Karma will.”

Contiuning with the letter which was published on Huffington Post, it read: “Sometimes doing well is reason enough for other people to put you down.

“If someone frowns at you, smile back. Absorbing ill-will makes you stronger. And I want you to be the strongest person you can be.”

“If you forget all this, that’s OK. Mummy made some royal cock-ups well documented on Google, but has no regrets and wouldn’t change a single thing. Especially not the three of you.”

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