Big Brother 2015: Danny cries after heartbreak story and Harriet breaks down in Diary room!


Tonight, Day 2 in the Big Brother 2015 Timebomb house, two housemates have both broken down in tears, for two totally different reasons.

Big Brother

It’s day 2 in the Big Brother house and two housemates have already been crying, but for different reasons.

During tonight’s task which is aired on Channel 5 at 10pm, Big Brother announces a task whereby housemates compete in two teams, girls versus boys, to work out which statements about their fellow housemates morals and pasts relates to whom.

The girls are asked which housemate posed as a groom for the day to fulfil a terminally ill girl’s last wish.

They correctly guess Danny who then breaks down in tears as he recounts the story prompting sympathy from the girls.

Big Brother

Later on in the day Harriet visits the Diary Room and begins to cry as she says how she feels “I am just a bit overwhelmed”.

Big Brother 2015: Timebomb airs tonight (14th), 10pm on Channel 5.

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