Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Aston Merrygold releases his debut single artwork!

Aston Merrygold has been busy working on his solo music since the split of JLS and the release of his music is getting closer.

He has been tweeting fans and clues as to when his music may be put out to the world and May, this month. seems to be the month this will happen.

We all know Aston is one for teasing his fans and he hasn’t disappointed again. Sending emails out to those signed up to his newsletters, there were 5 different images sent randomly so the fans had to work together to piece the artwork together.

The email read: “I’m excited to share the artwork with you for my first single! However it’s not going to be that simple… I’ve split the artwork into 5 pieces, here’s yours. Work together over Twitter using #ASTONARTWORK to piece it back together.”

Here are all 5 pieces jumbled up before they were put together:

The fans got to work straight away, working together to tweet the pieces they had using the hashtag. Once all 5 pieces had been tweeted, fans started putting them all together to reveal the single artwork.

So, now we have the artwork for his debut single, we just need Aston himself to tweet how impressed he is with how fast the fans worked and maybe even give us a demo of the single.

We will be updating you on all of Aston’s solo music latest news, so be sure to keep checking.

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