Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Caroline Flack to appear on both The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing!

Caroline Flack is set to appear on both The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing due to an unfortunate clash.


Newly appointed host of The X Factor 2015, Caroline Flack is set to appear on rival show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Caroline is set to front The X Factor 2015 alongside Olly Murs and also appear on Strictly.

Caroline is set to appear on Strictly’s first episode for the traditional current champion’s final dance.

A source told The Sun: “If schedules allow it then Caroline should be able to take part in Strictly filming as the current champion.

“In principle we won’t be stopping her but it’s not ideal. She’s the new face of the show alongside Olly and we know she’ll do a brilliant job.

“It is confusing for viewers who flick between channels to see her backing both series.”

Caroline’s Strictly routine is still being worked on, apparently. We’re looking forward to it.

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