Big Brother 2015: Simon Gross demands to leave the house, again!


Simon Gross returned to the Big Brother house for a second time quite recently, and he’s demanded to leave for the SECOND time…


In tonight’s show Simon is in the bedroom talking to Danny about the house, he comments that his outside life is good and he doesn’t need to be there: “I’ve got some 20 year old calling me a reject and a flop who can’t even speak properly. How dare she talk to me like that” – he said.

Chloe walks into the bedroom and hears her name being mentioned. She asks if they’re talking about her.

Simon says: “You shouldn’t speak to people like that.” Chloe is annoyed that Simon has revisited yesterday’s argument, he says: “I don’t like you.”

Chloe gets upset because Simon seems to have suddenly made this decision. Jade comes in and tells him that if the house is that bad then he should just leave.

Joel approaches Simon about what was said to Chloe. Simon is defensive saying that he does not want to discuss it with Joel. Joel defends Chloe. Simon says he was upset about yesterday.

Joel says: “You crave attention. You crave airtime.”

Simon replies: “See you tomorrow night. I’ll see you on the catwalk.”

Big Brother

Simon goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that he wants to leave: “I’m emotionally wrecked. I’ve done what I wanted to do. I want to go.”

Later on that night, Simon wants to talk to the whole house: “I’m emotionally at rock bottom. I felt that I’ve made mistakes here but I’ve tried to rectify them. I feel very lonely.

He continued: “I’m trying to move forward and trying to put things right. I’m struggling.”

Joel says: “I think this is an attention seeking task.” He says that the housemates have given him a number of chances but, “When it’s the third time, you have to really question whether you can trust that person.”

Jack agrees with Joel: “I want to try to be a good housemate.”

Big Brother’s Live Eviction airs tonight from 9pm on Channel 5.

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