Friday, 2 December, 2022

Alton Towers to reopen next week after 5 days of closure following Smiler crash!

Alton Towers is set to reopen tomorrow Monday 8th June following Tuesday’s (2nd June) The Smiler crash.


The crash on Tuesday involved two carriages on a low section of the track. One of the carriages was empty and the other had 16 guests in it and was travelling at approximately 20 miles per hour, a statement from the park revealed.

Four people with serious injuries were treated at the scene on Tuesday and transferred to hospital. The 12 others involved were fully evacuated by 18.35 and the Emergency Services and Alton Towers’ experienced care team were on hand to look after them.

It has been reported that Alton Towers bosses waited 11 minutes before calling an ambulance after the crash – and 44 minutes before anyone called the fire brigade, The Sun reported. It has also been reported that the Resort closure is costing the park £500,000 a day.

Alton Towers Resort will re-open to the public on Monday 8th June at 10am, although X-Sector and Sonic Spinball will be closed until the enhanced safety protocols have been implemented which will take slightly longer than Alton Towers had hoped due to the design of the ride.


Nick Varney, Chief Executive Merlin Entertainments said: “The accident last Tuesday was a terrible event for everyone involved. We are very aware of the impact it will have on those involved and we are doing all we can to provide our support to those injured and their families.

We closed the Park immediately whilst preliminary investigations took place and to give our staff time to come to terms with the accident and its aftermath. In recent days our management team have been engaged in a thorough review of our operating and safety procedures before making this decision.

Alton Towers has a long record of safe operation and as we re-open, we are committed to ensuring that the public can again visit us with confidence.”

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