Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Alton Towers Smiler Crash: Leah Washington has her leg amputated!

Leah Washington one of the victims injured during The Smiler crash last week at Alton Towers has undergone surgery.


One of the four Alton Towers crash victims who suffered injury on The Smiler has had her leg amputated above the knee.

17-year-old Leah Washington who was on her first date with boyfriend Joe Pugh has had her leg amputated above the knee.

Leah’s father David, today today thanked family, friends and people wishing her well for their support.

He said: “Leah has suffered a life-changing injury and now has many months of rehabilitation ahead of her.

“We have done this to put people’s minds at rest and we would also ask everyone to respect Leah’s privacy as she undergoes this rehabilitation.

“We would like to thank all the emergency services at the scene and all the hospital staff who saved Leah’s life.”

Joe’s father, Simon, said: “We would also like to thank the staff at the hospital who have been very accommodating, have been lovely to us and have protected our privacy.

“We would ask people to respect Joe’s privacy now and over the weeks and months ahead.”

Alton Towers reopened today (8th June) after remaining closed for five days following the accident.

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