Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Chris Evans reveals anyone can audition to become the next Top Gear presenters!

Chris Evans has revealed anyone (a non celebrity figure) can audition to become the next Top Gear presenters for the new series.


Chris Evans has given his first exclusive interview since being named as Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement on BBC Two’s motoring show, Top Gear.

Chris told Alex and Matt on the One Show today: “I honestly thought James and Richard were going to carry on and I thought they should carry on, and they could carry on and I wanted them to carry on as a viewer.

“I’ve got a very long list [of presenters] and what we’re going to do on the radio tomorrow… the way Richard and James were found was by auditioning… and so what we’re going to do is hold auditions,

“Not just for famous people, ex-famous people, up and coming famous people, in between famous people but for people who are watching the show.

“Male, female, old young, it doesn’t matter. The thing that does matter is that you’ve got to, a: have an appetite for cars and you’ve got to know something about cars.

Chris continued: “You can be a mechanic, you can be an amateur racing car driver, you can be a guy who’s a fireman but who’s been building his own Land Rover in his garage, but you’ve got to know about cars, to some extent.”

Chris will remain BBC Radio Two’s Breakfast Show host while producing Top Gear.

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