Glastonbury 2016 headliners already booked?


The world famous Glastonbury festival have already booked three performers for the 2016 show, before the organisers take a break in 2017.


Festival organiser Emily Eavis revealed that the festival is in a really strong position after they booked three artists to perform at next years show, before this years has even kicked off.

The 2015 headliners are Kanye West, Florence and the Machine and The Who, after the Foo Fighters had to pull out, because front man, Dave Grohl broke his leg.

Emily said that she had received death threats for booking Kanye, but said: “Every year the bands that are touring are completely different, so you never know quite who’s going to be around,” she told DigitalSpy.

“It might be some years it’s heavier in one way, and some is lighter in the other.

“Sometimes there’s a bit of a crossover, but we try to have it so there aren’t too many bad clashes. Obviously they are some, but that’s just something we work on.”

We will all have to wait until next year to find out who will be headlining.

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