Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Big Brother 2015: Brian Belo QUITS in shock exit!

Brian Belo has left the Big Brother 2015 house after a shock unexpected exit.


Legendary housemate, Brian Belo has quit Big Brother 2015 after a shock exit, this morning.

Channel 5 have confirmed to TwitCelebGossip that Brian has left the house and will not be returning.

Brian, Helen Wood and Nikki Grahame entered the house as part of a task last week, now one of the legendary housemates has quit.

Brian really ‘hates’ Helen Wood after heated arguments about bullying – Last night we saw Brian comfort Nikki after she had a major panic attack in the house.

It’s not confirmed why Brian has left, but his departure will be shown in tonight’s show on Channel 5 from 10pm.

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  1. What a joke – Brian “comforts” Nikki when it was him that started throwing things around in the storeroom and when Nikki was one of the first to jump in there!! Get rid of them both! Hope Brian really has gone and wish he had taken Nikki with him.
    Helen can go too but she doesn’t start the trouble that was mostly Brian. When it does start she over reacts. Groan – Get rid of them all!


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