Saturday, 2 December, 2023

Big Brother 2015: Joel Williams leaves house for hours due to medical reasons!

Joel Williams left the Big Brother house recently for a few hours due to medical reasons which are unknown.

Big Brother

Big Brother housemate Joel Williams has recently been unwell in the Big Brother house, so he left to receive treatment from professionals.

Joel is now back in the Big Brother house, but the reality show bosses won’t confirm why he left.

Although Joel’s mum has shed some light on the situation, saying Joel left for a ‘medical procedure’.

Susanne, Joel’s mum said: “He’s been told he’s not to use the pool, bath, etc for medical reasons…”

Tonight on Big Brother Live (Friday 26th May), the public will decide whether CRISTIAN, HARRY, SAM, SIMON, JACK, JOEL, DANNY or NICK will be EVICTED following ‘Tag Nominations’ earlier this week.

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