Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Big Brother 2015: Emma Willis slammed for ‘unprofessional’ interview with Helen Wood!

Emma Willis has been slammed by viewers for an ‘unprofessional’ interview with Helen Wood in last night’s Big Brother Live Eviction.


Last night, Helen Wood left the Big Brother and was met by Emma Willis and an awkward interview.

Host, Emma Willis asked a number of questions to Helen involving Brian Belo exit and Nikki Grahame labelling her a bully.

Emma told Helen that her comments were outrageous about Brian during the interview, Helen said: “The comments were bad I did say that. He said various things to me on numerous occasions and the things he said to me were things I told him personally and he used it in every single argument.”

One viewer wrote: “I love Emma Willis and she was doing her job, if Helen wasn’t so controversial it wouldn’t have been an issue! Plus it’s hard to talk when Helen is around as she only likes the sound of her own droning voice!”

Although some viewers thought Emma was in the wrong: “She made it very clear which of the two she liked best very unprofessional.”

Another wrote: “Emma is ment to interview them not judge them. Found her very bias. It was unprofessional to let her own feelings come into it.”

What do you think of Emma’s interview with Helen last night? Let us know in the comments below.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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  1. Emma interviewed Helen very unfairly. The whole is a set up the crowd was obviously set up on any forum its clear 50/50 for and agenst Helen also on bits on the side the audience. Is the same and its the same people everytime. Show was set up to make us all hate Helen its a disgrace. Won’t be watching next series

    • I’m sorry, but Emma did her job. Helen’s comments were outrageous towards Brian. Emma was trying to do her job as a host. Helen hasn’t yet did a PROPER APOLOGY to Brian during & after the Live EVICTION & on Bit On The Side. I mean Emma did a wonderful job interviewing Helen, Nikki & even Simon. Those three interviews were her best interviews of the series. And for viewers slamming Emma for her interview with Helen is just uncalled for. I sorry Donna Shiels, but watch the episode again when Helen called Brian “rapist & murderer”. How would you feel if your best friend was called that. If you on Team Helen you should be ashamed of yourself. Because Helen made Brian leave because of this comment and she hasn’t done like I said a PROPER APOLOGY. Helen should not been still in that house she should have been remove after those comments. In fact she should never be back in the Big Brother House……EVER.

  2. Emma Willis doesn’t seem to handle the interviews too well she looks almost awkward sometimes when something out of the ordinary is thrown at her. She also looks bored with the show now perhaps it’s time to move on.

  3. She never focused on anything good and did not listen to anything Helen had to say in her defence. I was appalled at Emma, she just left Helen sitting there but yet cuddled the lazy drama queen!! She was very quick to defend Nicky when Helen said she was fake!!! I say let Rylan present!!! He’s more professional! I dont blame Emma for having a go but she should have been more balanced! It’s NOT the Emma Willis show so stop trying to be the Main attraction!!!

    • Emma wasn’t going to let Helen off the hook, Helen pretty much gets away with everything. I disagree with you. Emma was trying her best to get Helen to realize the things she said to Brian. And yet Helen is still not sorry for making Brian upset. So I figure your on Team Helen. How dare you salute a bully who doesn’t care about getting people upset and for also say to a person that he looks like a “rapist & murderer”.

      • I did not salute Helen, as you suggest, but my God did you not SEE the aggression in his face? What Helen said I do NOT agree with, but that does not give everyone the right to gang up on Helen either!!! It’s quite disgusting how the BOTS crowd and presenters relish in the hysteria of who can say the worst things about the girl!!, I don’t hear anyone screaming about the names she’s been called!! And still it comes back to Helen’s fault. Brian acts the fool, and is not as stupid as he makes out to be, but my goodness he’s got one hell of a temper on him, and all the excuses he makes does not wash with me!! He should have stayed out of the house, as now people have seen him for who he REALLY is!!


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