Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Big Brother 2015: Prize money down £15k as three housemates face eviction!

The Big Brother 2015 Timebomb prize fund has been reduced by £15k in the first of many Cash Bomb twists.


Three housemates will face the next upcoming eviction after the first Cash Bomb twist hits the house.

Harry Amelia Martin, Nick Henderson, Jack McDermott and Sam Kay face the public vote this week after being nominated in the first Cash Bomb twist.

The housemates gathered around a button in the living area which they had to press to stop the £150,000 jackpot counting down. Anyone who pressed the button also gained immunity from the public vote, but they then had to nominate one other housemate to face eviction.

Joel was the first housemate to stop the Cash Bomb countdown, nominating Sam, he said: “I’m closer to everybody else in this house, especially the people who entered on Day 1. I can’t explain that, but that is something which I feel.”

Danny was the second housemate to stop the countdown, nominating Harry, he said: “I worry about you a lot. I do have concerns for you and I feel sometimes like you’d be better off outside of the house than in.”


Cristian was the third housemate to stop the countdown, nominating Nick because he claims Nick’s taken too long to “find his ability” to stand up to Harry.

Sam was the final housemate to stop the countdown at £134,100, she nominated Jack: “Sometimes you get really angry and go off on one, that energy is mental,”

It’s not yet confirmed if Harry, Nick, Sam and Jack will face the public vote as it could all change but as it stands these three housemates are in danger.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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