Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Simon Cowell ‘heartbroken’ as his mum dies, X Factor 2015 postponed!

Simon Cowell is reportedly ‘heartbroken’ and ‘devastated’ as his mum, aged 89, has died.


Simon Cowell’s mum, Julie Brett, who was 89, has died according to reports, Simon is completely ‘devastated’.

Simon and his mum Julie were close, but sadly she has passed away after a lengthy health battle.

The X Factor 2015 judge auditions have been cancelled as boss Simon is ‘heartbroken’, a source close to Cowell told The Sun: “Simon is absolutely devastated,

“His mum was the most beloved person in his life and they were incredibly close.

The source continued: “But at least she got to see him settle down and start a family which was one of the great wishes of her life.”

A source for The X Factor told the publication: “Everyone at X Factor is devastated for Simon and there was no suggestion that filming would go ahead.”

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