Big Brother 2015: Winners prize money confirmed as Cash Bomb concludes!


The prize money for this year’s Big Brother 2015 winner has been confirmed as Cash Bomb twists come to an end.


In Sunday night’s show, Jack McDermott took £23,900 for himself in one of the biggest twists Cash Bomb had to offer, this means the winners prize money is down almost £24k.

In the last set of challenges before Cash Bomb concluded, Big Brother offered Jack an opportunity to raise the prize fund even more.

If Jack successfully completed the challenges Big Brother would add more money to the prize fund and reward housemates with a luxury shopping budget for their final five days in the house.

To add £2,000 to the prize fund, Jack could not eat until further notice, he could only drink water and eat the rations Big Brother provided to him.


After, Jack had to spend the afternoon in a bath of smelly fish guts.

Not only that, but Jack had to resist temptation again as Big Brother delivered his awaited football scores in a sealed envelope, but he couldn’t open them.

Finally (if all that wasn’t bad enough), Jack had to shave a complete strip out of his hair.

Jack passed all of the tasks successfully added £14,000 to the prize fund bringing the total up to £116,100 for this year’s winner.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5, with the final airing this Thursday.

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