Tom Daley thinking about having kids with boyfriend Dustin Lance Black!


Tom Daley has opened up in a recent interviewing expressing he’d love to have children with boyfriend Dustin Lance Black.


Tom Daley expressed his love for having children with his boyfriend, Dustin Lance Black in a recent interview.

Tom said he could be having kids within the next year, so it sounds like his relationship with Dustin is going strong.

The diver told The Guardian: “[Dustin’s] very strict at his work, but people he loves, he finds it very difficult to say anything. He wouldn’t be able to shout at the kids or tell them off.

“I’d like to think I would be fun, but also try to teach them all the lessons they need to learn, that you don’t get anything without hard work – I’d like to pass on the lessons I had in my childhood.”

Tom continued: “It could be in a year, five years, 10 years. I’ve always loved the thought of having kids… Ideally I’d like to have one of each.”

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