Stereo Kicks announce they’re set to split after only releasing one single!


    The X Factor 2014 supergroup, Stereo Kicks have announced they’re set to split in the next few weeks after less an a year together.


    Stereo Kicks who were created by judge Simon Cowell have announced they’re set to split.

    Band members: Barclay Beales, Tom Mann, James Graham, Chris Leonard, Reece Bibby, Jake Sims, Casey Johnson and Charlie Jones who make up the eight piece group, Stereo Kicks have revealed they’re going separate ways.

    In a statement released today (18th July), it read: “Stereo Kicks has been, and always will be, a HUGE part of our lives. We still remain the BEST of friends and will continue to support each other in everything we do.

    “The experience we have had is truly indescribable and it is mostly down to YOU! Our fans! Without your support and loyalty, we wouldn’t have achieved half of what we have…….. you really have been the BEST FAN’S EVER!!

    “Although this is really sad for us, we felt that we wanted to end on a high.

    “You guys have been with us every step of the way and have been the first to hear our news, and we wanted to keep it that way!”

    The band revealed one of the reasons what caused the split was not securing a record deal.

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