Alton Towers planning to improve Air’s station and shop!


Alton Towers, one of the leading Theme Parks in the United Kingdom are planning on improving Air’s facilities.


Air cost Alton Towers £12 million to build, making it one of the most expensive rollercoasters ever made.

Air allows riders to fly across Alton Towers lying down reaching speeds of 75kph and g-forces of 3.5G.

Air officially opened to visitors at Alton Towers on 16th March 2002, now the park is planning major improvements to riders experiences on the coaster.

Alton Towers has recently submitted a planning application for improvements to the ride, which includes enhancing the ride station and an installation of a photo opportunity kiosk.

The park also plan to redesign the shop located at the rides exit.

It’s not yet apparent when the changes will be implemented, if their application get approved, but it will probably be when the park is closed during the Winter.

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