Big Brother 2015 was the least watched series ever!

Viewing figures reveal that Big Brother 2015 was the least watched series of Big Brother EVER!


On average, the show pulled in just over 1.13 viewers a night, making it the least watched series ever, continuing the three year trend of declining viewing figures.

Big Brother

This year’s series was down on average 102,000 viewers on last year and 360,000 on the year before.

However, there have been some series highlights over the past 10 weeks, with figures hitting 1.4 million during the Time Warp twist week.

But the viewing figure average is pulled down by the series very slow start, with only 620,000 viewers tuning in for week 2 of the 10 week run.

The controversial four in, four out twist got many people talking and resulted in an increase in the ratings by an average of 100,000 more viewers for that week.

The ratings then started to decline again as the series headed for an end, failing to finish the series with a bang!

An average of 1.13 viewers tuned in for the final week of Big Brother 2015, and just 1.3 million watched the final itself which saw Chloe Wilburn be crowed winner with a prize of £116,100.

Celebrity Big Brother is set to return next month.

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