Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Stereo Kicks say goodbye at Thorpe Park Island Beats!

Stereo Kicks performed for one last time at Thorpe Park on Saturday after announcing their split just over a week ago.


The boyband spent the day going around the theme park, going on rides, having photos and seeing fans before taking to the stage for one last time in the evening.

The main stage performances started at 6pm where support acts Taken, Luke Towler and In Hindsight warming up the fans before the headline act. Stereo Kicks came on stage at around 8pm where they kicked off singing their version of Sing by Ed Sheeran.

Many dedicated fans came in support of the band and to say one last goodbye to them. Throughout the show fans, friends, families and the band members showed their emotion through tears and speeches.

As the eight piece were talking with the crowd, Tom said “This is not a sad day, this is a celebration. Thank you all for coming”.

Emotional performances included Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors which the band sang at Judges Houses back in the X Factor, Naive, their own single Love Me So and the very first song they performed together, Run.

All the boys had teary eyes as the fans were singing back to them, but also because they could be seen crying in the crowd.

During Love Me So, the fans held up ‘Thank You Stereo Kicks’ signs to show appreciation to them for the past 11 months.

After the songs were over, Stereo Kicks thanked their dedicated fans for the support they have shown them and said their lives had been changed. They then walked towards the crowd to see fans over the barriers.

As they left the stage, the crowd was left emotional and tearful as they said farewell to their favourite band one last time.

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