Alton Towers crash could affect Merlin Entertainments profits by up to £47m!


Alton Towers owners Merlin Entertainments have said The Smiler crash in June could affect their profiles by up to £47m this year.


Merlin Entertainments have announced they’re expected to make a loss in profit following Alton Towers’ crash in June where a number of people were seriously injured.

Sixteen people on the Smiler rollercoaster were injured on 2nd June where two of the carriages crashed into each other.

Profits for Merlin Entertainments in 2015 are expected to be between £40m and £50m, that’s compared with £87m last year.

Queues and attendance rates at Alton Towers and Thorpe Park are noticeable with many people across the country ‘scared’ about recent events.

That being said, Alton Towers is probably more safer than ever since the recent incident as stricter guidelines and protocols have been put in place.

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