Celebrity Big Brother 2015: US star Tila Tequila ‘gets huge fee’ to enter the house!


US star Tila Tequila has received a ‘huge fee’ to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house, this month.


The American reality star, best known for her reality series A Shot at Love, is set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother ‘UK vs USA’ house.

According to TMZ, Tila Tequila is receiving $175,000 to enter the house later this month.

The website mentioned: “We’re told she leaves in a couple of weeks to start filming the reality show abroad with her new housemates.”

In related news, UK X Factor contestant Stevi Ritchie is favourite to win, already… Even though it hasn’t started yet.

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 launch date hasn’t yet been confirmed, but it’s rumoured to start on the 27th August.

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