Britain’s Got Talent offers REFUNDS to Jules and Matisse voters after Ofcom investigation!


Britain’s Got Talent bosses are offering refunds to everyone who voted for Jules and Matisse as Ofcom rules viewers were ‘mislead’.


More than 1,000 viewers complained after it was revealed a stunt dog Chase was used for part of Jules and Matisse’s finale performance which won them the show.

Jules and Matisse caused uproar after it was revealed a stunt dog was used AFTER she won the show.

Ofcom‘s investigation has now concluded and they’ve ruled the final breached rule 2.14, it states ‘broadcasters must make sure viewers are not “materially misled” about voting or any competition’.

This breach of the rules has resulted in ITV offering to refund anyone who paid to vote for the dog act.

An ITV spokesperson said: “The majority of votes cast for Jules’ act were received through the free voting app.

“However, we accept that some viewers who voted for the winning act by a paid voting route may wish to seek a refund, or that the cost of their vote be donated in full to the Royal Variety charity.

“Details about how to obtain a refund, or to request that a refund be donated to the charity, are now on our website.”


In a statement on the BGT website, it read: “In the light of this adjudication, ITV and BGT co-producers Thames and Syco Entertainment have agreed that viewers who voted for the winning act by a paid voting route (ie by landline or mobile, but not via the BGT app) may wish to seek a refund of the cost incurred in voting, or may wish for the entirety of those costs to be donated to charity (in this case the Royal Variety Charity, which already receives 15p from each BGT phone vote).

“All refunds will be sent via cheque to the address stated, and made out to the name provided, once we have verified the details of your telephone or mobile vote(s).

“For avoidance of doubt, viewers who voted by a paid route for any other act in the final of BGT 2015 (ie other than the winning act) are not eligible for a refund or to request donation of a refund.”

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