Metal bolt falls from Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach almost hitting visitors!

No one was hurt.


A huge metal bolt narrowly missed injuring visitors at Blackpool Pleasure Beach when it fell from the popular rollercoaster, Big One.


A family believed to be from Scotland were enjoying their day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but it was short lived.

The family were nearly stuck by falling BOLT from the Big One.

According to a national newspaper, a four-year-old boy had to pulled away by his pregnant aunt.

Pleasure Beach bosses confirmed foot-long bolt had come loose from the 235ft ride.

A Pleasure Beach spokesman said: “On Sunday August 9, a 320mm bolt came away from the Big One structure at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

“The bolt was positioned on the return bend of the structure and we believe landed on the roof of a building before coming to rest on the floor by the Hendry family.

“When the Hendry family brought it to our attention they were met by our Park Operations Director who explained the circumstances of the incident and offered sincere apologies on behalf of the company.

“The ride was then closed for checks by our engineers and re-opened later in the day.”

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