Friday, 29 September, 2023

X Factor’s Jake Sims slams bandmates Stereo Kicks as he starts his journey solo!

Jake Sims has slammed his former bandmates Stereo Kicks saying he NEVER wanted to be in a band in the first place.


Stereo Kicks who were mentored by Louis Walsh on The X Factor broke up after releasing just one single last month because they couldn’t get a record deal following the ITV show.

Jake has now slammed his bandmates Stereo Kicks, telling Daily Star online: “Stereo Kicks? It’s done, it’s so done – literally done.

“There might be a reunion tour of our greatest hits which would be like no songs, but yeah, no, it’s done now. I’m just looking forward to doing my won stuff.

“If I’m being completely honest after auditioning for The X Factor we were thrown in to become a band – it was never what I wanted to do.

“I was never really about that poppy, boyband thing.”

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