Emma Willis to quit Channel 5’s Big Brother for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing?


Emma Willis has revealed she’d quit Channel 5’s Big Brother for BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, if she had the chance.


TV presenter, Emma Willis who has fronted Big Brother on Channel 5 since 2013 has said she’d quit the show for rival Strictly, as it’s her dream job.

From presenting BBC’s The Voice UK, Emma has now expressed she’d love to front Strictly, saying: “Strictly Come Dancing is a job I’d struggle to turn down,

“I love it. It’s one of the best shows ever.”

Emma wouldn’t even mind taking to the dance floor, continuing to The Sun: “I would even love to be a contestant, but I’m not a very good dancer so I wouldn’t know where to start!”

Emma Willis will return back to our telly’s this week for Celebrity Big Brother 2015, after her recent BBC show Prized Apart was axed.

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