The Bad Education Movie review: Spectacular way to finish high school!


★★★☆☆ – Jack Whitehall’s BBC Three sitcom ‘Bad Education’ hits the big screens for the first time in a spectacular and hilarious fashion.


STARRING: Jack Whitehall, Joanna Scanlan, Iain Glen, Ethan Lawrence, Layton Williams, Kae Alexander, Weruche Opia, Nikki Runeckles, Charlie Wernham, Jack Binstead, Sarah Solemani, Mathew Horne, Jeremy Irvine, Talulah Riley, Clarke Peters, Harry Enfield, Steve Oram, Marc Wootton
RUNNING TIME: 91 minutes.

Jack Whitehall’s hit BBC Three sitcom ‘Bad Education’ hits the big screen as the pupils of Abbey Grove School head to Cornwall for a school ‘trip’. In other words a party weekend organised by Alfie Wickers.

Bad Education debuted on BBC Three two years ago, and now Jack Whitehall has brought his lighthearted comedy ‘jokes’ to the cinema.

Alfie Wickers (Jack Whitehall) is a posh young secondary school history teacher and plans an end of year school trip for his ‘Class K’ of wayward students who had recently sat their GCSE’s, although it’s not a regular school trip, it’s a party weekend full of alcohol, loud music and strippers (they wished).

Whitehall and the original BBC Three TV cast returned for the movie, alongside newbies Jeremy Irvine (The Railway Man), Joanna Scanlan (The Thick of It), Talulah Riley (St Trinian’s), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and Clarke Peters (The Wire).

All but one parent, Susan isn’t particularly happy about Alfie’s “school trip” and decides to accompany the seven pupils, with a Google Glass mockup for video-evidence that will secure Alfie’s dismissal from the school.


Obviously things don’t go according to plan for Alfie and viewers are welcomed to his scrotum that’s exposed in public view and mocked on three separate occasions throughout the movie.

The plot escalates unexpectedly half way through the movie into a politically-flavored absurd when History teacher Alfie inadvertently ends up becoming the Che Guevara of the (fictional) Cornish Liberation Army.

Alfie becomes friends with Pascoe (Glen, who brings a dash of daft moments to break up the tension between characters), he turns out to be an evil villain and eventually [spoiler] gets locked up.


The concluding scenes of the movie sums up the relationship between the sitcom characters after it’s revealed the pupils are parting separate ways to different colleges, although the original jokes still lingers in the air as Alfie gets drugged for the second time by Mitchell (Charlie Wernham).

The Bad Education Movie isn’t for everyone but if you enjoyed the BBC sitcom, you’ll have to watch this movie for the finale of teacher Wickers and Class K. The movie is quick-paced that has unexpected twists and jokes that’ll sure make you laugh and possibly cry (maybe with laugher).

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