Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Janice Dickinson brands fellow housemate as “evil”!


Celebrity Big Brother housemate Janice Dickinson has found herself in the middle of several arguments since being in the house and now she is convinced one of her housemates is evil.


During a conversation with Chloe Jasmine in the smoking area, Janice revealed her thoughts about one particular US star:

“She’s evil, Farrah is evil. I know,” the former supermodel declared. “My real truth is I think she broods and stirs up the negative attention and she’s colluding with Jenna, she’s got a partner in crime.”

Janice continued: “The British men here have a lot of manners, decorum, you know. You have it, your husband has it and then you know I think absolutely Sherrie has it, Gail has it, Tash it. These are not the pot stirrers. In my group, I think Daniel will stir the pot, he’s tricky but he’ll stir it.

“Scoop will stir the pot, Jenna will stir the pot, Farrah will stir the pot. James is lovely but he’s provocative.”

Janice’s comments follows a row she and Farrah had earlier in the day, when Janice hit out at the Teen Mom star screaming “You’re not the queen of reality, I am!”

Meanwhile, Janice also got herself involved in a blazing argument with Jenna Jameson after Janice ate some of Jenna’s special Kosher food.

Jenna confronted the model “I came to her hella cool, please respect my religion and that I think it’s really disrespectful that you found out that it was my food, my kosher fridge and she went ahead and ate it.

“She goes ‘I haven’t eaten anything all night’. Neither have I. Have you seen me eat a bite. I am waiting because I can’t eat at a table with sausages and everything being served. I am trying to observe my religion and somebody just looking at me and going pretty much f**k you!”

After the row, Jenna is in the diary room discussing her earlier row with Janice ‘I was kind of hurt by her reaction to be honest…It went from ‘I’m kosher too’ to ‘I’m hungry and old’…it kind of hurt me.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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