Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Austin and James ‘most likely to have sex’ says housemates!


James Hill and Austin Armacost bromance could go up a level, as Celebrity Big Brother housemates thinks they’ll most likely have sex.


In tonight’s show, Jenna, Farrah and Janice are getting reading at the beauty station discussing housemates.

One of the topics the girls talked about where James and Austin, Jenna said: “The only two people that are like getting sexually crazy are the two guys together.

“It’s so ironic. We are like these sexually powerful girls…

“they are the most likely to fu*k.’

Austin also talks about his friendship with James in the Diary Room, he said: “He is such a little salad boy. He has got his tan going on.

“He’s got the hair going on and the moisturisers and the creams.

“Then I find out he’s a Yorkshireman…he is very comfortable with himself and I respect that…he hasn’t said anything like don’t try any funny stuff…

“he knows I would never do that.’

Jenna and Farrah quiz James on his bedroom antics with Austin. Jenna said: “I heard this whole thing last night, he was like naked in your bed asking you to massage his hamstring, he pulled down his pants…

“I don’t know why you don’t shut it down.”

James replied: “He has not tried to come on to me once…the minute he tries to f***ing try and touch me I’ll be in bed with Bobby Davro.”

Farrah responds: “Slip ‘n’ slide with that sexuality….that’s you…it’s going to be a slip and slide and you’ll just be in it. You have no boundaries.”

Later on in the show, Daniel talks to Austin and Scoop in the garden, they are discussing Austin sharing a bed with James. Daniel questions if the bed situation would be an issue Austin’s partner, Austin explains as James is straight and also that Austin is not interested in James sexually, no it is not an issue.

The pair have already shared a bath together multiple times – in nothing but tiny speedos – but last night married Austin appeared to have developed a hamstring injury which James gave him a massage.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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