Coronation Street Live: ‘Nowhere Left To Run’ trailer!


    Coronation Street fans are to get their first hint of the high octane drama of the show’s live episode in a thrilling new promo released today (September 1st).


    Will the Platt family reach the end of the road in Coronation Street’s dramatic live episode this month?

    In the coming weeks David, Kylie and Sarah Platt will be pushed to the edge by evil drug dealer Callum Logan – culminating in the hour long live episode during ITV’s 60th anniversary week of September 21st.

    The stylish promo from ITV Creative sees Callum chasing the terrified Platts through the street, back ginnel and even through the houses – as they desperately try to escape ‘the devil’.

    Just as they think they may have shaken him off David, Kylie and Sarah are forced to come to an abrupt halt as they face a sheer drop that appears to be infinite. The end of the famous cobbled street has fallen away and been replaced by rock face.

    The three Platts turn and see Callum approaching, his run has now turned into a slow, menacing swagger. He smiles as he nears the others, who now stand hopeless on the edge. They have Nowhere Left To Run!

    The promo cleverly plays on the cliffhanger element of this dramatic storyline – symbolising the fact that the Platts have reached the end of the road where Callum is concerned and now will have to face what Callum has in store for them.

    The promo was exclusively aired on ITV’s This Morning programme today (Tues) and will be shown on ITV from Tuesday evening.

    Watch the trailer below:

    The live episode will also focus on Lloyd and Andrea’s leaving party in the Rovers, Roy and Cathy’s burgeoning relationship and Tim finding out about Kevin and Sally’s secret kiss.

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