Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Viewers left horrified after Janice’s seizure was aired on TV!

Many viewers have complained after footage of Janice Dickinson having an allergic reaction was broadcasted.


Janice Dickinson 60 year-old model was rushed to hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction from a bee sting, causing the discolouration of her hand and a fit. 

Celebrity Big Brother

Janice entered the Diary Room in a state of panic, showing her hands to Big Brother to indicate the colour difference.

She demanded immediate medical attention, explaining: “I’ve just got bitten by a bee and my finger is swollen and it’s going up my wrist. They’re turning black! It is going up my hand. I don’t want it to reach my heart.”

A paramedic quickly arrived to assist the model, asking her to “stay calm”. She then fitted causing her to fall off the Diary Room chair. She was immediately sent to the nearest hospital, where she spent approximately 3 hours before re-entering the house.

Viewers were left distressed after watching the footage, with many questioning whether it should have been aired.


One viewer tweeted: “Omg that Janice footage should not of been shown. #CBB”

“If that was genuine. Should #Cbb have aired that?” – While a further user commented: “Ok @channel5_tv, that was way too much to show on air. Janice fitting on Big Brother. Horrible. Gross. Not good. #CBB”.

More comments included: “I really don’t expect @bbuk to air that it was really scary I was so worried for Janice #cbb”

Did watching this make you feel uncomfortable? Or do you think it was important we got to see the whole picture?

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