X Factor 2015: Simon Cowell boots contestant off show during Six Chair Challenge after foul rant!


Simon Cowell has booted a contestant from The X Factor during the Six Chair Challenge after they swore at the judge.


The unnamed X Factor hopeful decided to sing ‘Earned It’ by The Weekend for his Six Chair Challenge audition.

During his performance he did a dance routine before ending with a medley of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’.

This unnamed hopeful asked another male to join him on stage during his audition – he wasn’t in the groups category.

Angry Simon questioned the male: “What gives you the right?”

The unnamed contestant replied: “Why is it I only got a forty seven second part on the show when others got ten minute time slots,

Simon responded: “You’re about five seconds from being thrown off.”

That wasn’t enough for the contestant to stop, he carried on complaining about how much screen time he got.

During the short argument, Simon said: “Don’t tell me how long you should have on this show. Why don’t you shut up?”

Then exploded saying: “Listen, SHUT IT”.

Simon asked the contestant to apologise to the crew and production staff, but the contestant threw his microphone to the floor, gave Simon the middle finger, and stormed off.

It’s safe to say the contestant (who can’t be named) won’t be returning to the series.

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