Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Farrah and Jenna get angry in the secret room!


Last night, Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham were evicted in a fake eviction, to then be escorted to a secret house, where they will now watch their ex housemates’ every move.


Farrah was delighted to hear that the eviction was not real:

“This is f**king brilliant,” Farrah declared before saying of her ex-housemates: “Thank you guys for being so f**ked up and rude to us.”

She added to the cameras: “Thank you fans we love you!

However, whilst they have been spying on their housemates, they have heard some conversations which have made them rather angry.

As soon as they left the house, Austin was quick to bitch about the pair, scowling at them as they walked out of the doors.

“They’re still talking about us!” exclaimed Farrah.

Jenna added: “I sure affected those ****s”

Later, the girls watched as James claimed that Farrah “got what she deserved” with her exit and the boos she received.

In response to which, Farrah said of James:

“James is so fake, he thinks he can manipulate people and win,” she reacted. “He’s always been negative, what a wussy.”

They also watched Scoop and Natasha chat, saying of Scoop: “He talks sense, God bless you Scoop.”

But Natasha was variously branded “weird”, a “Whining sap” and a “fake a** b***h” by Jenna and Farrah.

Tomorrow, Big Brother will reveal to the house that the pair have not been evicted but are actually in a secret room. However, Jenna and Farrah will not be informed that the housemates know they are watching over the house.

Last night, we saw Big Brother tell Farrah and Jenna they will be in charge of this week’s nominations,  giving them the power to decide who faces eviction this week. However, in reality the housemates who they nominate will be safe, and the housemates they don’t nominate will face the public vote.

Big Brother will tell the housemates on Tuesday that their secret mission is to try and get themselves nominated by Farrah and Jenna, in order for them to be safe this week.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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