Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Chloe Jasmine in tears after ANOTHER row with Stevi Richie!

There has been more conflict in the Celebrity Big Brother house between Chloe Jasmine and Stevi Richie leaving Chloe in tears.


It all started when the pair discussed how they would act during this weekend’s nomination twist. 

Celebrity Big Brother

On Friday, Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham were moved to a secret house, where they will watch their fellow housemates’ every move. They were told they would be in charge of this week’s nominations, however, in reality the people who they nominate will actually be immune from the public vote this week. Therefore, the housemates need to do their best to get nominated by Jenna and Farrah in order to be safe this week.

However, Chloe refuses to act fake in order to stay in the house, leading to tension between her and Stevi.

He accused her of “blanking” him as they discussed tactics, instead listening to Janice.

“You don’t want to listen, you’re just listening to everybody else, Chlo. Am I your partner?” Stevi asked. “Right, so can you listen to me?”

Chloe replied: “And I ask you to listen to me too!”

Stevi reacted: “Don’t raise your voice to me, Chloe, when I’m talking to you in a really civilised manner. You don’t want to ever listen.”


Chloe then accused Stevi of “scaring” her before the pair sat down with their fellow British housemates for a VERY awkward dinner.

“How can you let something like this prompt you to speak to me like this?” asked a tearful Chloe over the dining table, “What have I said?!”

Stevi responded. “Sometimes you listen more to Janice than you do to me, I’m trying have to a lovely conversation me and you about how we both feel and then it’s like, I’m blanked.”

Chloe protested: “I always listen to you Steven… I don’t want to lower myself.”

Stevi concluded: “Well there’s the answer we won’t do it, simple as,” before the pair continued their meal in silence.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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