Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Four face eviction after this weekend’s nomination twist!

Four housemates now face eviction on Tuesday after this weekend's nomination twist!


Last Friday saw Jenna and Farrah leave the house and moved to a secret room, where they were told they would be in charge of this weekend’s nominations.

Celebrity Big Brother

Firstly, they nominated Austin, followed by Natasha and Bobby in tonight’s show.

However, on Saturday night Big Brother finally revealed to Farrah and Jenna they had been lied to, and instead the people who they had nominated would actually be immune from the public vote this week.

As a result of this, the housemates have been trying to get themselves nominated by Jenna and Farrah in order to avoid eviction on Tuesday.

James, unlike some other housemates, took the task on board, trying very hard to offend Jenna and Farrah. It appears that his bitching worked as he became the pair’s fourth nomination, followed by Sherrie as their final nomination.


When the girls returned to the house, they were asked to confirm their choices and give their reasons for nominating them.

Their first nomination was Austin for being a ‘turncoat’.  Natasha was their second nomination, with Jenna saying  ‘partly because we’ve had a few little rows and we came to terms. So when we watched all your conversations after we left we were pretty shocked.’

Third is Bobby, Farrah describes Bobby as the ‘sanction of evil’. The fourth is James, with Jenna saying ‘within seconds of me leaving you called me a b**h and that you didn’t really like me. That you walked on eggshells around me.’

On their fifth nomination, Jenna says: ‘It was really between two people, but our last nomination is Sherrie…from my point of view I really really like you, I felt like I was really cool with you and you said really mean mean things about me.’

However, the pair get a shock in tonight’s show when they find out that the housemates they have nominated will be immune from this Tuesday’s eviction, resulting in all those who were nominated jumping up and Jenna storming off.

Subsequently, the housemates who face eviction this week are Chloe-Jasmine and Stevi, Janice, Snoop and Gail.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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