Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Fatman Scoop third to be evicted from the house!

Scoop is out.


Fatman Scoop is the third housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother UK vs. USA.


In tonight’s live show, host Emma Willis revealed which two Housemates are leaving the Big Brother House in a double eviction.

Tonight’s programme featured highlights from the past 24 hours in the house during which a feud began between Chloe-Jasmine and Austin following the alcohol delivery.

Tensions also rose between Bobby and Austin, and Stevi took a bath with Bobby in his mankini while Chloe-Jasmine confides in Janice.

The housemates that were facing eviction from the house tonight were: GAIL, JANICE, SCOOP and STEVI & CHLOE-JASMINE.

Fatman Scoop was the third to be evicted from the house.

Fatman Scoop met Emma Willis and she asked him how it felt to be out: “For the record I just want to say one thing. I was put up for eviction and nominated because I refused to slag off my friends.

“Where I come from a man doesn’t slag his friends… I don’t talk behind peoples back”.

On Jenna and Farrah, Fatman Scoop joked: “I’m gonna watch about three promos, I’m gonna watch Jenna.”

On UK vs USA, Fatman Scoop said: “United Kingdom, United States. Both still united”.

Emma asked Fatman Scoop who he’d like to win: “Anyone could win and I would be happy with it. I’d like to see what happens next. I think the heat going to turn up.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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