Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Housemates battle for their letters from home!

Finally, the housemates have the chance to win their letters from home!


This morning, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates woke up to Armageddon.


Big Brother has refurbished the house to fit in with this weekend’s “End of the world” twist, which kicked off yesterday.

During tonight’s episode, the housemates take part in a task named ‘The End is Nigh’. Team UK and Team US were both given a selection of hypothetical end of the world scenarios. They were told to discuss each scenario with their team mates and then choose which member of the opposing team best fit each situation. The team’s then had to guess the other team’s answers.

The fairly small task took an unexpected twist this morning when the housemates entered the living room to find it had been transformed into an apocalyptic wasteland.

All the furniture had been replaced by boxes and crates and all the food had been removed from the kitchen.

“There’s nothing, there’s not even a teabag!” exclaimed Natasha.

“It’s the end of the world, love,” remarked Bobby.

Soon, Big Brother revealed all.

The housemates will now live in the ruins of the house destroyed by a series of catastrophic events. All the housemates have to live from is just fresh water, food rations and some very basic clothing.

But something else was also saved from the disaster: their letters from home.

In order for the housemates to win their letters from their loved ones, they must stand on a boulder with another housemate and withstand some end of the world conditions such as torrential rain and harsh winds. If they can survive for a designated amount of time, they will earn their letter.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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