X Factor 2015: Stephanie Beeby forgets her words!


X Factor contestant Stephanie Beeby is left in tears after she forgets her words at bootcamp stage.


Stephanie Beeby, who sang Jennifer Hudson’s spotlight in her audition managed to convince the judges to take a chance on her, earning her place in this weekend’s boot camp. However, after her performance maybe the judges were right and Stephanie is just not ready yet…

In a group consisting of some very big characters such as gospel group BEKLN and Bupsie, Stephanie Beeby felt uncomfortable right from the start of boot camp, admitting that she was “very nervous”.

To make things even worse, the song her group chose is one of the biggest songs of all time: Tina Turner’s Rolling On The River.

During the song she looked out of place, not really committing herself to the choreography, unlike the other members in her group.

So it was no surprise when she forgot her words during her group’s boot camp performance, giving up half way through her part claiming “she didn’t know it”. She was left in tears as the others carried on, in an attempt to earn their place in the next stage of boot camp.

Tune in tonight at 7pm on ITV to see if the judges gave her another chance.

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