X Factor 2015: Next bootcamp challenge revealed!


Next weekend’s task for The X Factor contestants has been announced.


180 contestants turned up to bootcamp at the weekend and their first challenge involved working with other contestants in a group.

They were told to get themselves into groups of five, having at least three acts from   different categories.

The group then had to come to a decision about which song from a list they wanted to perform to the judges, only 24 hours later.

The judges then split the groups into the contestants who had got through to the next round and those who hadn’t, with about half being sent home.

For those who made it through, it’s now time for them to show the judges what they can do with a solo performance one to one in front of the judges.

The judges will not tell the acts their fate straight away, making them wait to know if they have done enough to make it through to the next round.


“We had 20 songs we had to pick from and to literally make it our own,” recalled Lucy Duffield, who wowed the judges with her audition and bootcamp group performance at the weekend.

She revealed: “I thought, I’m going to be clever because I know some people will sing this song, some people will sing that song.. and I was the only person who sung my song. I was so pleased, and it didn’t look nothing like the original.”

Once all the acts have performed, the judges will decide who goes through to the six chair challenge before delivering the results to the contestants.

The X Factor continues on Sunday at 7pm on ITV1.

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