Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Stevi Ritchie tells Chloe-Jasmine “I’m DUMPING you”!


In tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother Stevi Ritchie told Chloe-Jasmine he’s ‘dumping’ her and wants time apart.

Celebrity Big Brother

In tonight’s show, Team UK and Team USA go head to head for the final time. The teams have to answer questions voted for by the viewing public which is hosted by Broadcaster Eamonn Holmes.

In round two of the task Eamon reads out a number of comments which Housemates have said during their time in the Big Brother House, each team is has to guess who said what.

Eamonn Holmes has Chloe-Jasmine on when he pretends that she has said Stevi was “a drip, piss wet lettuce.” Chloe-Jasmine takes offense: “I would never say that, are you joking?!” he lets on that it was actually Austin.

Stevi laughs “Eamonn you bugger I was just about to cry there, I actually thought it was you there, I was like f**k it I’m dumping you!” His comment didn’t go down well with Chloe-Jasmine,

Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes

She cries: “I would never say that, are you joking? You shouldn’t actually joke about that!”

Stevi jokingly continues: “I’m going to sleep with Bobz tonight,

“I just need a week apart from you.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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