Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Bobby Davro finishes fourth and Natasha Hamilton comes third!


Tonight live on Channel 5, Emma Willis announced Bobby Davro in fourth place and Natasha Hamilton in third place in the final of Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2015.

CBB-Natasha-HamiltonEmma announced Bobby Davro in FOURTH place. He met Emma to cheers and she asked him how her felt: “I never imagined I’d be fourth, I would have liked to have made top three, but I can’t complain at four… I was public enemy number one for a couple of week… I’ve had such a fantastic time, I’ve never laughed so much in the space of four weeks”.

On the House in general: “It is just a game… very, very fiery, but I’m used to it… I’m used to difficult ladies, there are a couple of awkward ones, but I drew a line in the sand with one particular Housemate.”

On Farrah and his face to face nomination: “It had to be done…. It happened before because she addressed by private life, she attempted it and I thought it was very nasty, she’s got to work on that… I was a bit harsh with her and it did try to build bridges with her but it’s hopeless.”

Bobby Davro
Bobby Davro

On Bobby’s Jenna impression: “You think that was cheeky, you wait until you see one of my shows… It’s alright for her to do it but it’s not alright for me to do it, come on we have a sense of humour and that’s why we’re British”.

On Bobby’s experience in the House and UK vs USA: I’ve learnt about my strengths and my weaknesses… It’s never too late to say sorry but they never got our sense of humour.”

Natasha Hamilton came in THIRD place. When she met Emma she talked to Natasha about being in third place: “I didn’t expect it… I see myself as a mum… I’ve got a big gob”. On the Intense House: “I think I was a calm person… it was stressful…. it was like being in a pressure cooker and any moment things were going to explode”.

On Farrah: “I was literally in the house 10 minutes and Farrah was screaming at me… I was shocked. I was realty taken back. I’d gone out to give the olive branch… I’m a lot older than Farrah and to me she is the same as Austin, she is just loud. I never felt threatened.” On Jenna: “Jenna ended up being with Farrah all the time and sometimes you just want to get to know someone on a one to one basis.”

On the ‘Wrath of Tash with Austin: “About four nights in a row, I’d gone to the bed and he’d come into the room and he’d be either singing, dancing or arguing”.

Emma asked Natasha who she wanted to win: “They have both done amazingly and come so far. For me personally I’d like James to win”.

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