Peter Capaldi says there won’t be more than one Doctor Who series a year!


    Peter Capaldi has revealed there’s no plans to release more than one Doctor Who series a year.


    Peter Capaldi plays the 12th incarnation of the Time Lord in Doctor Who and has revealed there aren’t any plans to increase the amount of series a year.

    Peter told an audience at the Radio Times Festival that the cast and crew don’t have enough energy to make more than one series a year.

    According to The Mirror, Peter said: “We’ve been going since January 6 and the crew, who are wonderful, are exhausted,

    “There reaches a point where you can’t drive people any harder. We do the best we can to produce our show to an immensely high quality.

    “If you did it all year round there would be casualties. One of the casualties would be the quality of the show.”

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