The Voice UK 2016: Boy George makes Paloma Faith CRY during auditions after being rude!


The Voice UK 2016 sounds even more intense this year as Boy George made Paloma Faith CRY during auditions.


Rita Ora and Sir Tom Jones lost their places on The Voice UK 2016 and were replaced by Boy George and Paloma Faith.

George nicknamed Paloma “Palaver” and branded her “bitchy” and “rude” over the weekend during filming auditions.

The row began between the two new coaches when Paloma pretended to sleep and snore while George was talking, he responded: “You said you weren’t going to be bitchy and you’re being bitchy.

“You’ve probably got PMT or something, you were extremely rude.”

Boy told the contestant: “If you choose Paloma she will probably fall asleep while you sing.”

Later on during auditions Boy George had another comment for Paloma, she responded: “I am really happy with what I have done and continue to progress, maybe I haven’t had as long in the game as George but hopefully one day I will.

“When I put my mind to something then I will win.”


After filming told the audience: “That was super intense, I don’t think I want to go backstage any more, I’ll stay out here instead.”

A spokesperson for The Voice UK said: “All four coaches are fighting hard for the best talent on their teams.

“Competition and banter maybe lively on camera but professional rivalry is left at the studio door. We think viewers are going to love the genuine passion that our new line up brings to the Voice 2016.”

The Voice 2016 returns early next year on BBC One.

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