X Factor 2015: Kiera Weathers pays tribute to mum with ‘I Will Always Love You’!


Kiera Weathers took the X Factor judges and audiences’ breath away with her Six Chair Challenge audition.


18 year old barmaid from St Helens, Kiera Weathers took on a Whitney Houston song for her Six Chair Challenge audition.

Kiera sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ in dedication to her mother, she said before the audition: “My mum used to sing this song to me all the time and going through this competition i felt like i’m having the best time ever but there is something missing,

“That’s been not being able to celebrate this with her, so i’m singing this song to say thank you to her for getting me where i am now,

“I know she’s been watching over me and I want to let her know I appreciate it and I can feel her here”.


Kiera’s audition was ‘beautiful’ and made the whole of Wembley emotional as she sung her story for a seat in Rita’s category.

Nick said: “You told a story with your performance and it was really emotional, you could feel it in this room, i felt every single word you sung tonight.

Cheryl said: “That was so powerful, you made your mum proud”.

Simon said: “I get what you’re going through, that was difficult, it was really beautiful and you meant every word. You sang it so well.”

Find out if Kiera managed to get a seat in Rita’s category at 7pm tonight on ITV.

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