X Factor 2015: Who’s through to the judges’ houses? Full list and guest judges revealed!


It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, but now we have reached the next stage in the competition: the judges’ houses, but which contestants have the judges’s put through?


Throughout The X Factor 2015 Six Chair Challenge process, there have been many tears, numerous disagreements and a lot of decisions which have had to be made.

Rita – Girls:


First up to decide which 6 contestants she wanted to take through to the next stage was Rita. Being a new judge meant it was all a new experience for Rita, and it would be fair to say she was not a fan. But in the end she managed to pick 6 girls she wanted to take through to the judges’s houses.

They are as follows:

  • Kiera Weather
  • Louisa Johnson
  • Monica Michael
  • Lauren Murray
  • Chloe Paige
  • Havva Rebke

Nick – Boys:


Next up to face this gruesome process was Nick. Nick is also a new judge and found the experience very tough and stressful, with him even bringing back one of the contestants he had told to go home. But after all this stress, he managed to decide on his final 6 boys

They are as follows:

  • Ben Clark
  • Che Chesterman
  • Josh Daniel
  • Simon Lynch
  • Tom Bleasby (since been replaced with Mason Noise)
  • Sean Miley Moore

Cheryl – Groups:


You might have presumed with Cheryl being an experienced judge she may have found the process easier than the newbies but actually it could be argued that she actually found this the toughest out of the all the judges, despite the fact that she only had a small number of groups to decide from. However, after some tough decisions, some of which Simon didn’t agree with, she decided on her final 6 groups.

They are as follows:

  • Menn on Point
  • Alien
  • 4th Power
  • Silver Tone
  • The First Kings

Simon – Overs:


Last to decide on his final 6 was the most experienced judge of them all Simon Cowell. Simon is known for his lack of emotional empathy but even Simon found this process tough. It did not get off to a good start as he was very annoyed after he found out he had got the Overs category, after rating them his least favourite category. Simon has since apologised to the contestants but has now stated on twitter that he thinks he has made “2 big mistakes” with his category. Nevertheless, here are his final 6:

  • Max Stone
  • Ebru
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Bupsi
  • Kerrie- Anne Phillips
  • Anton Stephans

The judges houses’s commence next Saturday on ITV at 7:30pm, where a new live element will be introduced as for the first time ever, the final 12 will be revealed live.

The judges’ will still be accompanied by a celebrity of their choosing and this year: Louis Tomlinson will join Simon Cowell, Mark Ronson will join Nick Grimshaw, Meghan Trainor will be helping Rita Ora and Jess Glynne will be accompanying Cheryl Fernandez Versini.

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